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Marilyn Nance is a photographer, storyteller and new media artist
known for her work on African spiritual culture in the Americas.
Shine on the Titanic is part of soulsista says....

Bruce Jackson, author of Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me

Thelma Thomas of the African Folk Heritage Circle

Sloane Lipscombe

Patricia Eakins is the author of The Hungry Girls and Other Stories (San Francisco: Cadmus Editions, 1988). The New York Times Book Review characterized this collection as "triumphantly quirky." Her tales deal with outlandish characters, remote in time and place, and sound like exotic fables from other days, yet they are strangely revealing of our own times.

Arthur Flowers

Rich Bartee

Zora Neale Hurston

Larry Neal

Sekou Sundiata

Louis Reyes Rivera

Mark Payne

Ray Abraham

Bill Gaskins

Karen Haight

Andrew Walter

The African Folk Heritage Circle

Abike Jotayo

Jessica Helfand and the Visualizaing Narratives Class of ITP

Rasheeda Ismaili

Joe Doyle

John Garvey

New York University Tamiment Labor Library

The New York Public Library Research Libraries

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