The production of this work is guided by the whispers of my ancestors. I accept responsibility for, and ask forgiveness of my elders for any error or impropriety they may find herein. I pray for health, strength, time and the proper resources to develop.

Ifa is a African system of divination that “offers humans the possibility of knowing the forces at work in specific situations in their lives”. Though ancient, Ifa oracles are models for action and human activity in this present day.

For help, a person would see a diviner–a priest–a babalawo–a father of ancient wisdom trained “to identify the cosmic forces, the gods, the ancestors, the spirits and the machinations of enemies of humankind.” A babalawo gives readings, tells you what is going on in your life and advises you of what you need to do.

One of the tools that a diviner might use is an “opele” chain. The opele produces a graphic signature of a story/poem, then the babalawo recites the corresponding story/poem to you. Though thousands of years old, the story will contain information that will prove to be enlightening and instructive.

This web site simulates the unique graphic signature that is formed by a diviner’s chain thrown by an Ifa priest in a divination session, and gives you the number and the name of the oracle you chose.