Africa Ascendant is on its way.
What should you do to prepare?

Parting Thoughts:

No technological advance in history has taken place without the commission of African resources.
How can a scenario for the future be developed without mention of the continent of Africa?

Colored people make up most of the world's population. Value can be found in all cultures, once the veils of difference and otherness are lifted.

There is only one race, the human race.
This is but one of the thoughts espoused in African philosophies.
Africa is the motherland of us all.
Identifying with Africa and becoming more African will be synonymous with becoming more human.

By the year 2005, we will have seen the beginning of the flip of social and political codes. Human connections, modulated by the values of African philosohical systems and facilitated by advances in the telecommunications infrastructure, will soar above the the barriers instituted by Western rule.

The "haves" will be the people who have maintained their humanity; "the have nots" will be those who have not.

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